Developed by the researcher and biologist Gaston Naessens in the 1970s, 714X is categorized as an immuno-modulator health product aiming to both support a weak immune system or to slow down an over-active one. It intends to restore the body's immune defenses without side effects.

714X is manufactured in Canada by the laboratory CERBE Inc. and has been exported to over 80 countries since 1990.

714X is a colorless liquid. Its therapeutic mode of action requires that it is introduced via injection into the lymphatic circulation (first treatment). In some cases, 714X can be introduced via the respiratory track using a nebulizer (secondary treatment).

Gaston Naessens, a biologist born in France but a Canadian citizen since 1975, is the founding father of 714X. He has been working in hematology since 1945 when he finished his studies specialized in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). For over 66 years, this researcher, who discovered the SOMATID and its cycle in the 1950s, continues to study the role played by this particle in the maintenance of our natural defenses including the immune functions. The somatid, which according to him, is the smallest unit of life, was discovered in fresh blood after numerous and repeated systematic tests where he could establish its evolutionary forms in a 16 phase pleomorphic cycle.

Here is a diagram of the Somatidian cycle as observed under a microscope by Gaston Naessens:

The discovery of the somatid and knowing the existence of its life cycle would have been sufficient to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of a researcher working in fundamental research. However, for Gaston Naessens, there was a step further to take. Knowing that a microscopic observation of blood could reveal the state of one’s immune defenses was not sufficient. Knowing that the disease was inevitable and nothing was done to prevent it did not correspond to his code of ethics. This extra step was thus the search for natural ways that could restore the functions of our defense system without causing any harm to all the blood’s elements. This work, which began in the 1950s, continues today and is embodied in the design of many health products intended to act on the Somatidian cycle . It was in the 1970s, following several experiences with other health products he had made available to the European public in the 1950s and 1960s,  that he created a new product: 714 X . (non-toxicity confirmed in 1978).

714X is a non-toxic natural health product capable of restoring the biological terrain when the immune defense function is too weak or too active.

Despite the obstacles and resistance to his new ideas, Gaston Naessens continues to move forward, and his perseverance has earned him at least the satisfaction of collaborating, as an independent researcher, towards the emergence of a new paradigm in health and to offer humanity effective and  non toxic health products.

714X works in two ways:

  1. In liquefying the lymph, 714X promotes cleansing for a better disposal of metabolic waste circulating in the blood (toxins).
  2. Once 714X has been absorbed through the lymph, it brings to the blood circulation particular elements (structured and organized molecules including nitrogen fixed to camphor) to directly address white blood cells (leucocytes) to resume their respective defense functions. They may then restore previously disrupted intercellular and intracellular communication.

This second function of 714X, by activating cytokine receptors specific to each group of white blood cells, assures a harmonious recovery of all immune defense levels.

Thus, the inflammatory process, common to many degenerative diseases, fades and comes back to its normal state. Cell, tissue and organ repair progress at a rate specific to each individual.

Usage protocol

714X is a unique product due to its mode of intromission. In addition to this, 714X normalizes the biological terrain using the lymphatic circulation as a gateway into the body.

The particular choice for the mode of intromission of the product is based on the belief of its designer, who is convinced that the lymphatic system is the main highway system, one that facilitates the elimination of metabolic toxins circulating in the blood and that brings to the cells essential elements for their optimal functioning.

Choosing the lymphatic circulation as a mode of entry has practical unavoidable consequences as it becomes necessary to deal with anatomic realities. Nature has endowed the human body with a double lymphatic circulation. A large and a small circulation, each with their drainage area, that flow into the bloodstream.

Lymphatic circulations' drainage zones

To access the large lymphatic circulation which drains 75% of the body surface, the mode of intromission is the perinodularl injection (around the lymph nodes) in the right inguinal region (the groin).

Basic treatment with 714X requires a box containing two vials of 6.5 ml of product. This quantity allows 21 days of injections to constitute a cycle.

To access the small lymphatic circulation, the preferred method is the introduction of the product by inhalation with the use of an ultrasonic nebulizer that allows the absorption of the product via the small glands that line the respiratory tract (714X divided into particles smaller than 5 microns).

714X's secondary treatment (the nebuliser method) must be performed in addition to the perinodular injection. It requires 3 boxes of 7 ampoules of 2 ml for 21 days of treatment which constitute 1 cycle.

The perinodular injection

Self-injection, even when one has already decided to use 714X is an unfamiliar process. The word injection itself raises some apprehension.

At the beginning of the treatment, it is completely understandable to be hesitant and to worry about self-injecting in the right area.

The location of the injection site is the first and most critical step.

714X users’ feedback allow us to say that the injection technique, when properly mastered the first 5 days, can be considered an enjoyable daily activity which can be incorporated in your daily schedule as a relaxing time. This activity then becomes a simple daily gesture which can be paired with listening to pleasant music in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Finding the injection site

  1. With the right hand (for right-handed people) more precisely with the middle and ring finger, feel around the fold of the right groin area until you find the spot where a cardiac pulse is felt. This is the femoral artery pulse. For some, this pulse is found deep, for others, it is more superficial. Some have a pulse above or below on the fold line of the groin. Depending on the anatomy of each person, finding the pulse could take longer for the first few times. It should be easier to locate the following times.
  2. Once the femoral artery pulse is found and to facilitate locating the precise injection site, trace an imaginary line between the femoral artery pulse and the navel..

For adults, the injection site is located on this imaginary line, 3 to 5 cms (1,5 to 2 inches) above the femoral artery pulse.

For children weighing less than 30 kg (66 pounds), the injection site is located on this imaginary line, 1 to 2.5 cms (0.5 to 1 inch) above the femoral artery pulse.

By putting pressure on the femoral artery where the pulse is felt, the three deep lymph nodes are brought up to the surface. The product injected into the periphery of these deep lymph nodes will be absorbed by one of these nodes, hence the term: perinodular injection. The optimal injection zone has a surface area comparable to a small disc measuring 2 cm. Day after day, the needle does not have to be inserted in exactly the same spot, but in the same area, leaving some room for maneuver.

Two important points to remember concerning finding the injection site:

  1. Introducing the product on the right side of the body is proposed because the lymphatic route flows from right to left. By introducing the product on the right we ensure the best possible drainage of the large lymphatic circulation.
  2. If during the first few attempts, you still have a doubt about the exact location of the injection site, there is nothing wrong with restarting the process (so long as you ensure that the injection zone is re-sterilised according to the protocol).

Diagram of the injection site

Please refer to the  5_steps_perinodular_injection.pdf for the five steps of the perinodular injection.

714X is a health product which is introduced into the lymphatic circulation. This is one of the characteristics that makes 714X unique.
Consequently, this product never comes in contact with ingested food or any part of the digestive system. 714X has no direct interference with food, natural health products or prescribed medications.

714X is considered as a product of Universal Health totally compatible with pharmacological products as well as natural health products, because it is through the lymph that 714X flows into the bloodstream to act on white blood cells (leukocytes), and on the cellular environment. 714X acts on the biological terrain.

In part due to its specific action on white blood cells’ (leukocytes) cytokine receptors, 714X not only acts on immune defense but it also supports the expected positive effects of other healthcare products taken orally. 714X works with all other products introduced externally.

In the event that a patient must temporarily receive certain conventional treatments or a surgical intervention, 714X taken simultaneously can be beneficial as it acts as reinforcement to invalidate their unavoidable side effects by supporting the vital energy and the natural defenses.

714X is not only universally compatible with all products, but it offers as well the benefit of invalidating the adverse side effects of other products, while supporting the vital energy.

In oncology, and considering that cancer is a huge public health concern, 714X becomes a helpful support to go through the intense periods of targeted treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc..), as well as during recovery periods and therapeutic breaks.

Since it is non-toxic, 714X can be used preventively in healthy people. Immune resistance is further increased to accommodate the many challenges of personal and / or professional life.

With non conventional treatments

Because it supports the body's natural defenses, 714X can be taken simultaneously with most natural health products.
The only exception to this statement remains anti-angiogenic products of natural or synthetic source (eg, shark or bovine cartilage).

This is not to say that these products are not effective, but their mode of action is not complementary with 714X.

The reason for this incompatibility is as follows:
The effect of anti-angiogenic products of any kind (used for cancer treatment in the model which focuses on the elimination of the tumor) is to create oxygen deprivation by cutting the blood flow that feeds the tumor. The intended effect is to reduce the growth of the tumor by depriving it of nutrients.

714X needs to go through the blood circulation near the tumor so that the tumor necrosis factor secreted by the reactivated white blood cells can act on the tumor and reduce it.
The secretion of the tumor necrosis factor is the white blood cells defense mode of activity by which all of their secretions, released into the blood, react and shrink the tumor, regardless of its location in the body.

With certain conventional treatments

This section has dealt with how 714X is compatible with different health products that go through the digestive system.
In the case of therapeutic approaches in particular medical interventions (as for the case of cancer for example) 714X can be taken simultaneously with conventional care. As it acts on the natural defenses of immunity, 714X is complementary to conventional treatments and will not counteract them. On the contrary, 714X can reduce, and even eliminate much of the undesirable side effects usually associated with conventional treatments, thus permitting a better quality of life.
Moreover, as 714X acts on the lymphatic circulation, taking a cycle of 714X before surgery will minimize the risk of uncontrolled spread of anarchical cells elsewhere in the body as these can be drawn into the lymphatic system (not only in the case of cancer).

714X taken before surgery will provide better cell, tissue and organ repair after surgery (wound healing).

In everyday language, the notion of "statistics" in health often involves the estimated success rate of a specific product against a particular pathology.
For 714X, we are often asked the following question: "Do you have statistics on your cancer product? "This approach is very legitimate from the point of view of the consumers who are accustomed to medication that acts on the disease.

This expectation of the consumer, regarding the effectiveness of the product 714X against his own illness, is based on the conventional approach. This is the usual way of doing things in conventional medicine and it is always an external product that comes in to correct the symptoms of the disease.

In natural medicine, a product acts upon the biological terrain. This is a different view. In the biomedical model, the predictive ability of the effects of a chemical product is made possible because the product has been studied and measured in a laboratory (often on mice), based on the toxicity of the molecule. The final product is designed to achieve measurable benefits that will outweigh the inevitable incurred risks.

It is different for 714X as it is non-toxic. In the holistic model of health, also known as global health model, all the elements of the context of one’s life are very important. Since the natural products that are offered are non-toxic, they aim to improve natural health factors in order to support the biological terrain, rather than acting locally to neutralize symptoms of a local physiological disorder

This is why within this global health model to which 714X pertains to due to its non-toxic nature, it becomes impossible to make mathematical predictions on the absolute effectiveness of the product, because it is the uniqueness of each one of us that will determine the speed and extent of efficacy of the product in its context.

In short, for 714X, as for any natural health products (eg vitamin C) or special treatments (eg massage), the ultimate impact will always depend on the biological terrain unique to each individual and life context in which each person evolves.

The perception of the impact of 714X, as a health treatment, is usually shown through individual observations felt and manifests through quality of life criteria such as one’s vitality, sleep, appetite, etc.

Although it acts in all cases on the lymph and the white blood cells (leukocytes), it is not possible to attribute a predictive character to 714X because it integrates itself to the biological terrain of each individual, with their own uniqueness. The physiologic effects are measureable little by little as the cleansing and body repair progress, according to each individual biological terrain.

Clinical experience from the last thirty years (22 years of use under the authority of a governmental regulatory agency) means that 714X is a product that has surpassed the « test of time ». We can say with complete confidence that its utilization brings after the first 21 days of use a better quality of life. This is expressed in many ways according to each individual and depending on the evolution of the disease, the care that was given and each person's experiences.

In general, the effects of 714X under the parameters of conventional blood tests are usually measurable after a minimum of 3 cycles of use.

714X is the invented name of Triméthylaminohydroxybicycloheptane chloride.

Chemical formula

Chemical composition

714X is an isotonic solution at physiological pH (7) containing nitrogen as the main active ingredient, camphor as a vehicle, or a nitrogenated derivative of camphor, at a level of 0.09 mg/ml (complying with the pharmaceutical industry’s norms of injectable solutions), mineral salts, and 18 different trace elements (metallic elements), measured in parts per million, and magnesium at a level of 6.5 ppm. these trace elements, even in trace amounts, do have a biological significance.

The level of sodium chloride (NaCl) is estimated at 8.2g/litre.

A plasma emission spectrometry study identifies the 18 following elements measured by the following parts per million):
Aluminum  < 0.5 ppm     Calcium   0.5 ppm     Mercury  < 1.0 ppm
Antimoine  < 1.0 ppm     Chrome  < 0.1 ppm     Molybdenum  < 1.0 ppm
Arsenic   < 1.0 ppm     Cobalt   < 1.0 ppm     Nickel  < 0.1 ppm
Baryum   0.7 ppm     Cuivre  0.01 ppm     Phosphore  < 5.0 ppm
Bore  < 0.05 ppm     Fer  < 0.1 ppm     Plomb  < 1.0 ppm
Cadmium  < 0.05 ppm     Magnésium  6.5 ppm     Zinc  2.0 ppm


The absence of proteins and immunoglobulins shows that this is not an immune serum prepared after injection to animals. 714X is not a vaccine. There is no risk of allergies or anaphylactic shock.

The presence of sodium chloride at a level of 8.2 g / liter shows that this is an isotonic solution with a pH of 7 (physiological solution). This solution complies with norms for injectable solutions of the pharmaceutical industry.
A mass spectrometry coupled with a chromatography reveals the presence of camphor or trimethyl-1.7.7 bicyclo (2.2.1.) heptanone-2 whose concentration we measured as 0.09 mg / ml (90 ppm). A nitrogenated compound and hydrochloric acid were also identified.
The comparative study using camphoroxime shows that this molecule does not exist as such in the analyzed sample of 714X. The precise nature of the nitrogenated compound contained in 714X could not be clearly identified.
Eighteen metals (metallic elements) were measured. They were all found at trace levels (parts per million) and considered to be of no biological significance, except for magnesium which at 6.5 ppm was too low to be given a therapeutic property. (This is the opinion of the private laboratory. However, the manufacturer claims that these trace elements, even in trace amounts, do have a biological significance)

Summary of the chemical analysis

Ultimately, 714X is an isotonic solution at physiological pH (7) containing camphor or a nitrogenated derivative of camphor, at a level of 0.09 mg/ml, complying with the pharmaceutical industry’s norms of injectable solutions.

Therapeutic class

714X belongs to a health products category that acts upon natural defenses including the immune function.
Depending on the circumstances, 714X acts on a severely weakened immune system (by strengthening it) or on an overactive immune system (by slowing it down). For this reason, 714X is recognized as an immuno modulator.
Moreover, to date, 3 patents confirm that 714X is an immunomodulator.
Canadian Patent:         2010.CA02297998
European Patent:         2005.EP1251841-B1
American Patent:         2003-6-596-295

Research Report – Immunologic test applied to 714X
(vitro  Effects of 714X on mononuclear cells of peripheral blood)


Diane Van Alstyne, Ph.D.
Inventors Ink
#23-130 MacPherson Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA  M5R 1W8

Period of Experimentation:
March 1999, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Results and conclusions

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells and monocytes exposed to 714X in vitro show the following effects:
  • Over 50% activation and / or cell differentiation, resulting in morphological changes and modification of cell adherance on microwell plates.
  • An atypical and immediate intracellular accumulation of Ca+2 ions in monocytes, and none in the control sample.
  • Induction of cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), interleukin-1β, -6, 8, and an increase in the intracellular level of cytokine-specific mRNAs including 362 bp for TNF-α, 330 bp for IL-1β, 496 bp for IL-6, and 407 bp for IL-8. Structural analysis of molecular components contained in 714X (compared to the inactive control product) reveals the presence of two nitrogen-containing compounds derived from camphor, molecular weight of 169.5 and 151.25, unique to 714X

Based on the foregoing data, the sponsor suggests that 714X contains at least one component which acts as a substance that promotes the induction of cytokine in vitro and has the following characteristics:
  • Ability to bind to receptors to initiate activity;
  • Possession of a cell affinity, and
  • Possession of intrinsic activity.
The results clearly demonstrate that 714X is a strong activator of monocytes and / or macrophages and induces the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines including tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α) and interleukins IL-1β, IL-6 and IL-8. Monocytes / macrophages play a key role in immune defense. Macrophages represent a major recognition system for foreign cells, including tumor cells, and an important source of cytokines with immuno-modulatory properties and antitumor activities (including proinflammatory cytokines

TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6 and IL-8). These data provide scientific evidence to 714X’s immunomodulatory role.
It is believed that the 714X enhances the immune response and plays a role in the removal of the tumor cell. The results appear to support this theory by suggesting that induction of proinflammatory cytokines represent at least one mechanism responsible for anti-tumor activity in vivo of 714X.

Assurance of Quality Control:

Data reviewed and report provided by researcher Diane Van Alstyne, Ph.D.
Report published 25 August 2000