The complete manufacturing process is comprised of four steps:

At each of these steps, the strictest aseptic norms and standards are adhered to, ensuring the product is safe and secure. CERBE, the manufacturer, guarantees the sterility of its products as all of its manufactured products are sterilized after bottling using traditional autoclave sterilization procedures.

CERBE voluntarily adheres to good manufacturing practice (GMP)

Once these four steps are complete, CERBE Inc. can assure its clients and consumers of the delivery of a natural health product that is sterile, safe and ready to use in Canada in collaboration with the Special Access Program of Health Canada or for exportation abroad.
The mix of unique base products The products of CERBE Inc. are innovative products, unique and specifically developed to act on the immune system without negative side effects. The first step is therefore the mix of its base products following a new and unique process of arranging molecules. The innovative nature of Gaston Naessens’ manufacturing process is confirmed by the attainment of the following patents: U.S. Patent 2003 European Patent 2005 Canadian patent 2010
This step is performed in a sterile lab, in an enclosed space especially built and designed for this stage of the manufacturing process, with ultra-specialized and modern equipment specifically designed for the manufacturing needs of CERBE Inc. The best practices of the laboratory are applied in order to maintain the highest quality standards in manufacturing in the natural health products industry.
This step is crucial to ensure the safety of products, injectable or otherwise. All of the products manufactured by CERBE Inc. are mandatorily sterilized using traditional autoclave sterilization procedures. This means that all products are sterilized at 212 degrees centigrade under 18 lbs of pressure for a minimum period of 20 minutes. This self-imposed requirement of CERBE Inc. necessitates the use of specialized bottles able to support extreme high temperatures. None of CERBE Inc.’s products are bottled in plastic containers.
Once the bottling and sterilization processes are completed, the labeling is done in a completely different laboratory specially designed for this step. Once again, a final quality assurance check is done, one bottle at a time, under ultra-violet lighting, before finally placing specific regulatory standard labels for each of the products. For each product, the identification number, expiration date, and the specification of bottles for exportation are clearly marked on each commercial label.