Compatibility of 714x with other treatments

714X is a health product which is introduced into the lymphatic circulation. This is one of the characteristics that makes 714X unique.
Consequently, this product never comes in contact with ingested food or any part of the digestive system. 714X has no direct interference with food, natural health products or prescribed medications.

714X is considered as a product of Universal Health totally compatible with pharmacological products as well as natural health products, because it is through the lymph that 714X flows into the bloodstream to act on white blood cells (leukocytes), and on the cellular environment. 714X acts on the biological terrain.

In part due to its specific action on white blood cells’ (leukocytes) cytokine receptors, 714X not only acts on immune defense but it also supports the expected positive effects of other healthcare products taken orally. 714X works with all other products introduced externally.

In the event that a patient must temporarily receive certain conventional treatments or a surgical intervention, 714X taken simultaneously can be beneficial as it acts as reinforcement to invalidate their unavoidable side effects by supporting the vital energy and the natural defenses.

714X is not only universally compatible with all products, but it offers as well the benefit of invalidating the adverse side effects of other products, while supporting the vital energy.

In oncology, and considering that cancer is a huge public health concern, 714X becomes a helpful support to go through the intense periods of targeted treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc..), as well as during recovery periods and therapeutic breaks.

Since it is non-toxic, 714X can be used preventively in healthy people. Immune resistance is further increased to accommodate the many challenges of personal and / or professional life.

With non conventional treatments

Because it supports the body's natural defenses, 714X can be taken simultaneously with most natural health products.
The only exception to this statement remains anti-angiogenic products of natural or synthetic source (eg, shark or bovine cartilage).

This is not to say that these products are not effective, but their mode of action is not complementary with 714X.

The reason for this incompatibility is as follows:
The effect of anti-angiogenic products of any kind (used for cancer treatment in the model which focuses on the elimination of the tumor) is to create oxygen deprivation by cutting the blood flow that feeds the tumor. The intended effect is to reduce the growth of the tumor by depriving it of nutrients.

714X needs to go through the blood circulation near the tumor so that the tumor necrosis factor secreted by the reactivated white blood cells can act on the tumor and reduce it.
The secretion of the tumor necrosis factor is the white blood cells defense mode of activity by which all of their secretions, released into the blood, react and shrink the tumor, regardless of its location in the body.

With certain conventional treatments

This section has dealt with how 714X is compatible with different health products that go through the digestive system.
In the case of therapeutic approaches in particular medical interventions (as for the case of cancer for example) 714X can be taken simultaneously with conventional care. As it acts on the natural defenses of immunity, 714X is complementary to conventional treatments and will not counteract them. On the contrary, 714X can reduce, and even eliminate much of the undesirable side effects usually associated with conventional treatments, thus permitting a better quality of life.
Moreover, as 714X acts on the lymphatic circulation, taking a cycle of 714X before surgery will minimize the risk of uncontrolled spread of anarchical cells elsewhere in the body as these can be drawn into the lymphatic system (not only in the case of cancer).

714X taken before surgery will provide better cell, tissue and organ repair after surgery (wound healing).