How to administer 714X ?

Usage protocol

714X is a unique product due to its mode of intromission. In addition to this, 714X normalizes the biological terrain using the lymphatic circulation as a gateway into the body.

The particular choice for the mode of intromission of the product is based on the belief of its designer, who is convinced that the lymphatic system is the main highway system, one that facilitates the elimination of metabolic toxins circulating in the blood and that brings to the cells essential elements for their optimal functioning.

Choosing the lymphatic circulation as a mode of entry has practical unavoidable consequences as it becomes necessary to deal with anatomic realities. Nature has endowed the human body with a double lymphatic circulation. A large and a small circulation, each with their drainage area, that flow into the bloodstream.

Lymphatic circulations' drainage zones

To access the large lymphatic circulation which drains 75% of the body surface, the mode of intromission is the perinodularl injection (around the lymph nodes) in the right inguinal region (the groin).

Basic treatment with 714X requires a box containing two vials of 6.5 ml of product. This quantity allows 21 days of injections to constitute a cycle.

To access the small lymphatic circulation, the preferred method is the introduction of the product by inhalation with the use of an ultrasonic nebulizer that allows the absorption of the product via the small glands that line the respiratory tract (714X divided into particles smaller than 5 microns).

714X's secondary treatment (the nebuliser method) must be performed in addition to the perinodular injection. It requires 3 boxes of 7 ampoules of 2 ml for 21 days of treatment which constitute 1 cycle.

The perinodular injection

Self-injection, even when one has already decided to use 714X is an unfamiliar process. The word injection itself raises some apprehension.

At the beginning of the treatment, it is completely understandable to be hesitant and to worry about self-injecting in the right area.

The location of the injection site is the first and most critical step.

714X users’ feedback allow us to say that the injection technique, when properly mastered the first 5 days, can be considered an enjoyable daily activity which can be incorporated in your daily schedule as a relaxing time. This activity then becomes a simple daily gesture which can be paired with listening to pleasant music in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Finding the injection site

  1. With the right hand (for right-handed people) more precisely with the middle and ring finger, feel around the fold of the right groin area until you find the spot where a cardiac pulse is felt. This is the femoral artery pulse. For some, this pulse is found deep, for others, it is more superficial. Some have a pulse above or below on the fold line of the groin. Depending on the anatomy of each person, finding the pulse could take longer for the first few times. It should be easier to locate the following times.
  2. Once the femoral artery pulse is found and to facilitate locating the precise injection site, trace an imaginary line between the femoral artery pulse and the navel..

For adults, the injection site is located on this imaginary line, 3 to 5 cms (1,5 to 2 inches) above the femoral artery pulse.

For children weighing less than 30 kg (66 pounds), the injection site is located on this imaginary line, 1 to 2.5 cms (0.5 to 1 inch) above the femoral artery pulse.

By putting pressure on the femoral artery where the pulse is felt, the three deep lymph nodes are brought up to the surface. The product injected into the periphery of these deep lymph nodes will be absorbed by one of these nodes, hence the term: perinodular injection. The optimal injection zone has a surface area comparable to a small disc measuring 2 cm. Day after day, the needle does not have to be inserted in exactly the same spot, but in the same area, leaving some room for maneuver.

Two important points to remember concerning finding the injection site:

  1. Introducing the product on the right side of the body is proposed because the lymphatic route flows from right to left. By introducing the product on the right we ensure the best possible drainage of the large lymphatic circulation.
  2. If during the first few attempts, you still have a doubt about the exact location of the injection site, there is nothing wrong with restarting the process (so long as you ensure that the injection zone is re-sterilised according to the protocol).

Diagram of the injection site

Please refer to the  5_steps_perinodular_injection.pdf for the five steps of the perinodular injection.