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2022 gear of the year awards
all star teen athlete surrounded by trophies

Is High School Running in Need of a Reckoning?

As more programs encourage young athletes to train like professionals, female runners report problems with restrictive eating, irregular menstrual cycles, and long-term bone damage.

By Margie Cullen and Anne Marshall-Chalmers
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How to Run-Walk the Holiday Run Streak

what is the average walking speed

What Is the Average Walking Speed?

By Laura Williams
why am i tired all the time

Why Am I Tired All the Time?

By Lauren Bedosky
exercise and body composition

Give A Gift

By Allison Goldstein
october running playlist

Trail Running Gear

by Matthew Huff

What Is the Average Running Speed for a Mile

woman doing forearm plank on yoga mat

Everything You Need to Build a Strong Core

by Amanda Brooks
quad dominant, quad, beautiful happy african american sportswoman in headphones standing on one leg and stretching quadriceps

Could You be a Quad-Dominant Runner?

By Cassie Shortsleeve
it band stretches

Jeff Dengate, Amanda Furrer and Morgan Petruny

by michelle hamilton
iliacus muscle

Jeff Dengate, Amanda Furrer and Morgan Petruny

By Natascha Grief
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alison désir

Be a Champion for Black Runners By Becoming a Disruptor

“Being disruptive and saying the thing that needs to be said is like training for a marathon or lifting weights: It’s not that it gets easier, but you get stronger.”

By Amanda Furrer
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endorphin speed and pro 3

Reach Your Runner’s High in Saucony’s Endorphin Pro 3 and Speed 3

By Amanda Furrer
superhero fit

Making Activewear Accessible for Plus-Size Runners

By Amanda Furrer

Training Pace Calculator

The Best Watches for Every Kind of Runner
jeff dengate running on a treadmill that has an incline

The 9 Best Treadmills for 2022

by Jeff Dengate
runner holding brim of buff speed cap

Members’ Field Test: Buff’s Packable Speed Cap

Amanda Furrer

10 How to Finally Nail the Proper Running Form

preview for Dumbbell Chest and Triceps Workout

A Chest and Triceps Workout to Improve Posture and Arm Drive

Shoes & Gear.

By Monique Lebrun