Statistics and data use

In everyday language, the notion of "statistics" in health often involves the estimated success rate of a specific product against a particular pathology.
For 714X, we are often asked the following question: "Do you have statistics on your cancer product? "This approach is very legitimate from the point of view of the consumers who are accustomed to medication that acts on the disease.

This expectation of the consumer, regarding the effectiveness of the product 714X against his own illness, is based on the conventional approach. This is the usual way of doing things in conventional medicine and it is always an external product that comes in to correct the symptoms of the disease.

In natural medicine, a product acts upon the biological terrain. This is a different view. In the biomedical model, the predictive ability of the effects of a chemical product is made possible because the product has been studied and measured in a laboratory (often on mice), based on the toxicity of the molecule. The final product is designed to achieve measurable benefits that will outweigh the inevitable incurred risks.

It is different for 714X as it is non-toxic. In the holistic model of health, also known as global health model, all the elements of the context of one’s life are very important. Since the natural products that are offered are non-toxic, they aim to improve natural health factors in order to support the biological terrain, rather than acting locally to neutralize symptoms of a local physiological disorder

This is why within this global health model to which 714X pertains to due to its non-toxic nature, it becomes impossible to make mathematical predictions on the absolute effectiveness of the product, because it is the uniqueness of each one of us that will determine the speed and extent of efficacy of the product in its context.

In short, for 714X, as for any natural health products (eg vitamin C) or special treatments (eg massage), the ultimate impact will always depend on the biological terrain unique to each individual and life context in which each person evolves.

The perception of the impact of 714X, as a health treatment, is usually shown through individual observations felt and manifests through quality of life criteria such as one’s vitality, sleep, appetite, etc.

Although it acts in all cases on the lymph and the white blood cells (leukocytes), it is not possible to attribute a predictive character to 714X because it integrates itself to the biological terrain of each individual, with their own uniqueness. The physiologic effects are measureable little by little as the cleansing and body repair progress, according to each individual biological terrain.

Clinical experience from the last thirty years (22 years of use under the authority of a governmental regulatory agency) means that 714X is a product that has surpassed the « test of time ». We can say with complete confidence that its utilization brings after the first 21 days of use a better quality of life. This is expressed in many ways according to each individual and depending on the evolution of the disease, the care that was given and each person's experiences.

In general, the effects of 714X under the parameters of conventional blood tests are usually measurable after a minimum of 3 cycles of use.