« My name is L.E, I am a 40 years old women. I have been ill for a number of years with Cytomeglo Virus and later Lupus. I tested positive in 1985 and have dealt with it mentally and with cortisone treatment.In 1999 I fell very ill while working for a large farming enterprise. Stress, long hours, exhaustion all added to this. After numerous tests I tested positive for Lupus. So bad that the specialists suggested chemotherapy etc, which I turned down immediately. I phoned a very good friend in the medical world who put me onto Gus Stevens.

Gus suggested that I start a course of 714X injections that came from Canada as he had had remarkable results with his son with cancer. Lupus is a degenerative viral disease and the injections were specifically for this. I started immediately. I was very ill at this stage, with no energy, chest pains that I could barely breath and basically bed ridden. I knew that 714X would not work immediately and that it was going to take time, so I was very patient. Injecting every evening at the same time, eating a corrective diet and rest all helped. After two treatments I started feeling better and by the end of four treatments I was as fit as a fiddle. Back to the normal old self and normal daily work. I do have to be careful of getting stressed and over working.
In July 2001 I did get ill again but not as bad as before so I immediately started another course and after two courses I was back on track again.

Lupus will never be cured. It is put into remission. I did test negative for Lupus after all my treatment, so lets hope it stays that way. I was told that it would not treat CMV but to my surprise it put it into remission and have not had a touch of any symptoms since, even though my blood tests did come back positive for the CMV.

As of today I am healthier than ever. »
« The symptoms began in June of 2007 (primarily bleeding and clots in the urine) and an ultrasound determined there was a bladder tumor. As our primary care physician was a Naturopathic MD and my husband was completely philosophically opposed to an allopathic approach and treatment, we decided to work with her and jointly approach a healing process. Fairly early on, our ND suggested 714X as a possibility in my husband’s treatment regimen and loaned us the Video to watch, but we were hesitant initially, not understanding quite how it all worked and - at this stage - not quite sure what we were up against with the cancer diagnosis. So, we worked with a lot of different treatment modalities with our ND, and succeeded in slowing the growth of the tumor, but it did slowly increase in size. It was a delicate balance to address the underlying infection and toxins we were certain were at the root of the problem, prevent the tumor from growing too quickly while we addressed that underlying issue, and keeping the bleeding under control. An episode of rapid and fairly sudden blood loss in August of 2008 required an Emergency Room visit and overnight hospital stay to administer a transfusion of 4 units of blood. After this, treatment with our ND continued, as well as other changes we knew in our hearts and minds were necessary in our lives, if healing was to be achieved.

Fast-forward to May of 2010 - a relatively long period of mild to moderate to severe blood loss left my husband weak and very debilitated, so we wound up in the Emergency Room again. This time, he’d reached a point where the medical personnel were concerned about the strain the blood loss was having on his heart and he was admitted to the ICU. The blood transfusions were begun almost immediately. The CT scan done there showed the tumor that we knew was there, but only one (a previous scan had indicated there was another, smaller one on the bladder wall, as well) - it was blocking the right kidney ureter .

They recommended flushing the bladder to clear out the clots, doing a cystoscopy, and, whilst there, surgically removing the tumor basically by cauterizing it (no cutting). Weak, a little "fogbound" and a little overwhelmed, my husband initially was not in favor of the procedure, but we gave it a lot of thought overnight and by morning consented. The Urologist was not sure he could remove the entire tumor, as it was large enough to stretch the limits of this procedure. It’s difficult to describe the relief that washed over me when the Urologist told me he "got it all" - another step of hope forward. Unfortunately, the oncology report indicated the cancer had penetrated the bladder wall - it was in the muscle tissue. A stent was left in place to the right ureter. Two nights in the ICU, one night in a regular room, loads of flushing, one surgery and 6 units of blood later, we went home.

Just before this trip to the hospital, we had determined we needed to try the 714X as our ND recommended, and had ordered it. We started it as soon as it arrived in the mail about a week after being released from the hospital . A short time after the hospital stay, we had a consultation with the Urologist and his prognosis was not good - in fact, it was pretty depressing. He recommended a removal of the bladder and prostate and a "bag". He said that there was a 50% chance that the cancer had already metasticized to somewhere else in the body. It was the only "treatment" the Urologist suggested and my husband declined it. The Urologist said he would monitor the progress and recommended another cystoscopy and removal of the stent 3 months later - in August. It wound up being the same day as the end of Round 4 of 714X. The cystoscopy showed some spots that the Urologist identified as being cancer-related; he said this was what he expected, although he thought he’d find more of those "spots" than he did. Kidney function, thankfully, was basically back to normal. The Urologist suggested another cystoscopy in 3 months - in November - one day into Round 9.

At this time he could find only one tiny tumor, which he removed immediately using the cauterization technique he’d used with such success in the hospital - this time in his office. He took a long time looking around with the scope and was amazed that there was no other evidence of the cancer to be seen in the bladder. He said he couldn’t believe it was the same bladder he was looking at and even went so far as to say things like, "Once in a career does one see something like this!" (oddly, his notes do not express this exuberant surprise). The oncology report determined it was the same type of cancer, but this time had not penetrated the bladder wall. We were very happy with the results and cautiously optimistic about the progress.
As recommended, we returned again in February - and to our delight and the Urologist’s continued surprise, there was only scarring on the bladder wall from the surgery and no other evidence of the cancer visible in the cystoscopy. He told us to keep doing whatever we’re doing and to come back in 3-4 months. After completing 10 Rounds of 714X, my husband took a short break, but resumed with the 3 recommended consecutive Rounds at the end of April. Several days into Round 2 of those 3, my husband had another cystoscopy; this time a tiny, 6 mm papillary tumor was discovered on the opposite side to the original mass on the bladder wall, which he again removed with the "Bugbee". While we were obviously hoping for another totally clear report, the urologist was actually very encouraging and said we had, in a way, come full circle and if all we were going to see was these small but high-grade recurrences, he could now recommend conventional treatment options - BCG (introducing a form of the tuberculosis bacteria into the bladder to kill off cancer cells) and suggested in his report that there was a small chance that my husband had been cured by the resection!

There is no question in our minds that 714X has been an essential component of the healing progress my husband has made thus far and we are hopeful of a full recovery with no recurrences. We plan to continue with some form of 714X regimen and to continue with the regular cystoscopy monitoring of the bladder.»

August 2011
« I was fighting acute leukemia 18 years ago and Gaston Naessens not only selflessly helped save my life but also saved my leg from being amputated.

I just wanted to write a quick message THANKING him and everyone there who care so much for others!

With admiration, »

March 2010
« I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer 8 years ago. I was re-diagnosed
3 years ago with metastasis Ovarian Cancer in my colon and liver. My doctor didn't give me much hope for survival.

I heard about 714X through a friend who had used it when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the early age of 29. She is still alive 12 years later.

I had surgery for the removal of the tumor in my colon. However, nothing could be done about my liver at that time. So, I decided to try 714X. I had nothing to lose. I tried 714X. My doctor then sent me for a CT-Scan and I no longer had any cancer in my liver. I have continued to use 714X and I am now cancer free, and have been for three years.

I can't say enough about the product and the people I deal with to obtain it. 714X has given me my life back. »

C. P., New Hampshire (USA)
June 29th, 2005
« I was under the treatment of an oncologist after I was told I had breast cancer in 1999.  I had chemo followed by a mastectomy and then radiation.  I continued seeing the doctor and having checkups.  After two years, I wasn’t feeling good and insisted on a mammogram on my existing breast.  After the results were returned, they noticed some lumps on my lungs and decided to do a cat scan.  That showed the cancer was also in my liver.

A friend of a friend told me that she had used 714X and that I should try it.  “Never” I said… my oncologist tells me what I should do.  Well, after thinking it over and seeing that my cancer was quickly spreading with the traditional treatment, I said I would try it.  The nurse at the oncology center told me about a woman that was giving her father the injections.  I called her and she showed me how to inject myself.

From that day forward I have been using 714X.  My CEA level (the tumor marker) was 8, 6 in February 2003.  After being on 714X it is now 1!!!  Anything below 3 is normal!  I have had two cat scans, one in September 2003 and one in December 2003.  They have both come back as being stable with some shrinkage.  My oncologist cannot believe it.  Would I choose to give myself a shot each morning to remain healthy as opposed to doing chemo and becoming violently sick?  Absolutely… any time!

I was once sceptical and now am a true believer.  My whole attitude is more positive because I can now see the results of 714X and that makes me fight harder.  I wish I could have everyone with cancer aware of this product.  I’m sure there would be a lot fewer deaths.

I cannot say enough about 714X and lonely hope that eventually everyone will be using it to fight this dreaded disease. »
Karen Christo, MA (USA)
« I started using 714X while undergoing treatment for a blood related cancer.

I am certain that by using the product that it has been an important aspect for me to enter into remission and for feeling as healthy and strong as I do. Along with the traditional treatments I have received such as Chemotherapy and Rotuxin, I feel that 714X has been an added benefit which has boosted my immune system. I have since completed two six month maintenance treatments with the 714X and believe that it is a major factor in keeping me in remission and in building up my immune system. It is a product that I would recommend to anyone as being completely safe to use.

The staff at CERBE is always available to answer your questions and are truly honest and upfront and very trusting people. And as far as I am concerned that is the most important thing. The staff at CERBE has always made me feel like I am the first patient using their product and that they are truly concerned for my well being. And that is special and very important when you are a cancer survivor. I am sure that you would feel the same way if you choose to use their product.»

CAM, August 1st, 2005
« I was diagnosed with atypical polycythemia rubra vera, true – a cancer of the blood, in 2002.  This is a condition of too many red blood cells.  The prescribed treatment is a phlebotomy when required.  I had a phlebotomy in February, March and April of this year.  In early May, I began 714X, and for the next three months my blood was normal.  I also made lifestyle changes and am taking supplements.  I required a phlebotomy in August and October buy my blood work was normal again in November.  My next blood test will be the end of December.  I am most heartened by this obvious success.  It is only a very short time that I have been on 714X, roughly seven months, and already indications are that things are progressing on 714X, roughly seven months, and already indications are that things are progressing well.  My energy level is noticeably improved and I am sleeping better than I have in years.  My blood pressure, which has been high for 20 years, is also very much improved. I am grateful for the availability of 714X and look forward to using it for the continued improvement of my health. »
A. W. Canada
Septembre 2009
« I was diagnosed with Primitive Neuroectodermal tumor in 1985 at the age of 13. It started in the nasal passage. Surgery was done and within a few months it grew back, had filled the right sinuses and was pushing to get into the brain. Again surgery was done, then radiation and about 2 yrs of chemo. Finished chemo August 1987. My mother passed away October 1987 with colon cancer. Then, in 1991 it came back and in the right kidney. That kidney was removed. Then in 1993, it came back in the left lower lobe lung.

Surgery and then a year of chemo. This was worse than the first time I did it. Within a few months of finishing chemo it was back in the right lower lobe. Surgery was done - 6 days before my nursing graduation. I was told that they could take out my bone marrow, do full body radiation, and a one time dose of melphalan which is a mustard gas. This would give 30% remission. No "cure". I would have a 10% chance of dying from the procedure, have a chance of coming out with aplastic anemia and would be in the hospital for 2-3 months (part of that in total isolation). I had the Doctors provide me studies of their proposed treatment. Everyone died according to the studies. I found out about 714X from my step-mom's brother. I started the treatment and 3 months after my last surgery, I got married, bought a house and passed my nursing state boards. I felt GOOD!!!

I am going to be 14 yrs cancer free December 8th2008. I have received my second degree black belt in karate and am currently a nurse for hospice. I tell my patients about the 714X although none have opted to do it. I think most of these people have been put in such a state of depression because of the "terminal" news and because of some of the harsh treatments they have just finished. I truly believe that God has designed our bodies to heal themselves, they just need the right things in them, that's all. Anyway I want to thank you again for what you guys are doing! »

September 2008