Frequently Asked Questions


714X is administered in 2 ways :

By perinodular injection: basic treatment.

By ultrasonic nebulizer: secondary treatment (when necessary).
Considering cancer as the leading cause of death (age and sex combined) in many industrialized countries, it is not surprising that 714X was requested 90% of the time to support patients with this disease.

Nine percent (9%) of requests were made for autoimmune diseases (eg. lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, mastocytosis, etc…).
For the past 10 years, many requests for a preventative use of 714X (1%) were received. This tendency is growing with the realization for the necessity to be proactive in the management of our health.
714X was developed in the early 1970s and improved in 2000. 714X has been available to the public since 1978. 714X has been legally available in Canada since 1989 via a special access program sponsored by the Canadian government.
It works in 2 ways :

By thinning the lymph, it allows the elimination of metabolic toxins circulating in the blood (cleansing).

By acting directly on the white blood cells (leukocytes), it ensures immune modulation by either activating or restraining the immune system, thus promoting the secretion of appropriate levels of cytokines (repair).
714X is a non-toxic natural health product which aims to restore the body’s immune defenses to its full potential without risk of side effects. It is able to restore the body’s biological terrain when the immune defense is weak or too active.

Direction for use

Isopropyl alcohol should not be used as it leaves a film on the skin that can distort the nature of the product. It is the same for pre-packaged isopropyl alcohol swabs.
94% grain alcohol is recommended, but if unavailable, 40% Vodka  remains a safe alternative.
A small bruise at the injection site may occur, but it is not a cause for concern. It will disappear in a few days.
Mastering the injection technique and being relaxed are the guarantors of a painless injection. At the beginning of treatment, some discomfort may be felt but it poses
no danger.
If the injection is done the right spot, only slight pressure will be felt. However, if the localization of the injection site was not well done, a sharp burning sensation may be felt. This burning sensation, although uncomfortable, is absolutely safe.
There is no risk with self-injection so long as you follow the manufacturer's protocol and take sterilization precautions.

This product does not contain any foreign protein nor does it present risks of allergies or anaphylactic shock.

General usage of 714X

To date, at the dawn of 2012, no other means have been found to be more effective than perinodular injections in directly accessing the lymphatic system.
Arsenic is present in all plants, meat and fish. In very small doses, it stimulates the immune system, the appetite and can serve as a tonic for the nervous system.
No. 714X supports natural defenses and thus promotes health. 714X can be taken either as prevention or for curative purposes.
714X may be used alone or in combination with:

Natural health products (except anti-angiogenic products)

Health products obtained by prescription

In the event of surgery (or any other procedure), 714X can be used simultaneously and will have the effect of reducing associated side effects while promoting healing. In all cases of surgery, taking 714X prior to the intervention can be beneficial.
714X never causes side effects because it was designed to be non-toxic. Occasionally, during the cleansing phase, as the body eliminates toxins, there may be a few days of normal detoxification discomfort (what naturopaths call the healing crisis).

This happens most frequently when several conventional treatments were previously taken.

Although temporary, this detox episode is a sign that the immune system is responding well and that 714X is working.
In general, in the first 10 days, you will feel more energy, and after a first cycle of 21 days, the quality of life is improved. (sleep, appetite, vitality, etc.)..


The product is legally exported around the world. Each country has a specific import procedure for health products for the personal use of its residents. (not for commercial purposes)

It is important that each individual inquires about the current policy in his country.
Anyone can use 714X :

People of all age groups: children, teenagers, working adults and the elderly.

Healthy people as well as those whose immune system is unbalanced can use 714X to harmonize their immune functions.

In Canada

This group of patients and users of 714X was active from 2004 to 2008. You can consult the archives of the coalition for more information.
In Canada, access to 714X has been legal since 1989, and this within a special program sponsored by Health Canada. Here is the link to learn more about the Special Access Programme (SAP) in force in Canada. Special Access Program (SAP) - Health Canada