Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Osteogenis Sarcoma

« I started using 714X while undergoing treatment for a blood related cancer.

I am certain that by using the product that it has been an important aspect for me to enter into remission and for feeling as healthy and strong as I do. Along with the traditional treatments I have received such as Chemotherapy and Rotuxin, I feel that 714X has been an added benefit which has boosted my immune system. I have since completed two six month maintenance treatments with the 714X and believe that it is a major factor in keeping me in remission and in building up my immune system. It is a product that I would recommend to anyone as being completely safe to use.

The staff at CERBE is always available to answer your questions and are truly honest and upfront and very trusting people. And as far as I am concerned that is the most important thing. The staff at CERBE has always made me feel like I am the first patient using their product and that they are truly concerned for my well being. And that is special and very important when you are a cancer survivor. I am sure that you would feel the same way if you choose to use their product.»

CAM, August 1st, 2005