Lupus amd Cytomeglo Virus

« My name is L.E, I am a 40 years old women. I have been ill for a number of years with Cytomeglo Virus and later Lupus. I tested positive in 1985 and have dealt with it mentally and with cortisone treatment.In 1999 I fell very ill while working for a large farming enterprise. Stress, long hours, exhaustion all added to this. After numerous tests I tested positive for Lupus. So bad that the specialists suggested chemotherapy etc, which I turned down immediately. I phoned a very good friend in the medical world who put me onto Gus Stevens.

Gus suggested that I start a course of 714X injections that came from Canada as he had had remarkable results with his son with cancer. Lupus is a degenerative viral disease and the injections were specifically for this. I started immediately. I was very ill at this stage, with no energy, chest pains that I could barely breath and basically bed ridden. I knew that 714X would not work immediately and that it was going to take time, so I was very patient. Injecting every evening at the same time, eating a corrective diet and rest all helped. After two treatments I started feeling better and by the end of four treatments I was as fit as a fiddle. Back to the normal old self and normal daily work. I do have to be careful of getting stressed and over working.
In July 2001 I did get ill again but not as bad as before so I immediately started another course and after two courses I was back on track again.

Lupus will never be cured. It is put into remission. I did test negative for Lupus after all my treatment, so lets hope it stays that way. I was told that it would not treat CMV but to my surprise it put it into remission and have not had a touch of any symptoms since, even though my blood tests did come back positive for the CMV.

As of today I am healthier than ever. »