Jacinte L. Naessens

Passionate about health issues, I was a teacher, consultant, and coordinator of community health programs, before starting my acupuncture clinic in traditional Chinese medicine and opening my own clinic, the Levesque Health Clinic, aiming to provide alternative and complementary practices in the support and treatment of degenerative diseases.
I have participated in several movements for health rights as Vice-President of the Association of Acupuncturists of Québec and President, founder and spokeswoman for the Alliance of professionals in alternative health practices in Quebec, all for the defense and promotion of the recognition and professional autonomy of acupuncture and alternative therapies practitioners in Quebec.
Guest speaker at many international conferences in natural medicine, I am now actively involved in the dissemination of a new theory on the origin of life, the Somatidian orthobiology, Naessens Academy, a training center dedicated to the dissemination of the theory and research of Gaston Naessens.
Wife of Gaston Naessens for almost 20 years now, I have become his privileged partner and together we continue to walk the extraordinary path of 714X.